Mon. Oct 18th, 2021
Low calorie indian food Recipes List

In the current scenario of this pandemic situation, it is important to keep the track of our weight which is possible by using low calorie Indian food. So that we can save ourselves from the different diseases caused by gaining weight. Doing a good amount of exercise can do the things but what about the food?
As we all know that Indian foods used to be tasty. Made with lots of oil and spices which adversely affects our health too. So most of the time people think that “Indian Food” means always oily and spicy but it’s not the fact. There are different Indian foods Available that are low in calories. Idlis are very healthy food and give a good taste too, to our buds.

So, today we are going to know about top 10 Indian healthy food with low calories which are easily available.

Let’s know about 10 low calorie Indian food which will give an immense taste to your buds. These foods also increase the feeling of fullness of the stomach and decrease the feeling of hunger.

Easily Prepared Low calorie indian food Recipes:

  1.  Idli: Idli is one of the famous and most popular South Indian Breakfast recipe generally prepared with fermenting the rice and Urad Dal mix. It is one of the healthiest foods in India of all time. Idli has a calorie of 33-39 calories per piece as it is a puff of Rice and Urad dal mix. It provides all the nutritional value of the day. Nowadays, an Instant mix of Idli is also available in the market. You just have to ferment them and cook and the idlis are ready to eat.
Idli with Sambhar and Chutney: low calorie indian food
Idli with Sambhar and Chutney: low calorie indian food

Calories intake of Idlis: 1 piece of idli contains around 33 to 40 calories depending on the size of the Idli.

  1. Oats: Oats are the other low-calorie diet food on this list. Oats are generally whole grain food that contains lots of fiber and proteins. A half-cup contains around 148 calories which are considered the best for weight loss due to its nutritional value. Oats are also easily available in ready-to-cook packets in the market.
Oatmeal: one of the low calorie Indian food
Oatmeal: one of the low calorie Indian food

Calorie Intake of Oats: Half a cup of oats contains around 148 calories.

  1. Popcorn: Popcorn is famous as a snack especially at the time of watching movies in theatres so most people think that it’s unhealthy but it’s not the fact, it’s healthy. Popcorns are the air-popped and seasoned seeds of corn as it is a whole grain containing a good amount of dietary fiber. 
Popcorn: low calorie indian food with lots of fiber
Popcorn: low calorie indian food with lots of fiber

The calorie intake of Popcorn: If we talk about the calories then one cup of popcorn contains only 31 calories.

  1. Eggs: Eggs are the perfect example of one of the top 10 low-calorie food which is extremely nutrient and rich in important vitamins and minerals. Eggs also increase the feeling of fullness so it is advisable to include them in the daily breakfast so it can decrease your hunger for the day snacks. 

Calorie Intake of Eggs: Talking about the calorie intake of one egg, so one single large egg contains around 72-80 calories which is a good amount. 

  1. Soup: Although soups are mostly light and side dishes. Due to their nutritional value and lightness, it is a snack as well as low-calorie food for the weight losers. Soup is prepared by boiling the meats or vegetables in the water with the seasoning of salt and spices as per taste.

Calorie Intake of Soup: 1 bowl of mixed vegetable soup contains around 50-60 calories whereas a bowl of meat or chicken soup contains around 30-40 calories.

Easily Digestive Recipes:

  1. Buttermilk: Buttermilk being rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and Vitamin B12 is one of the healthy diets. It helps in correcting digestion due to its cooling nature. Although it is very low in calories it is good for weight loss due to its nature of increasing the feeling of fullness.
Buttermilk: Best low calorie indian food diet
Buttermilk: Best low calorie indian food diet

Calories of 1 glass buttermilk: around 32 calories.

  1. Sprout salad: Sprouts are always a healthy diet all over the world. Sprouts are healthy snacks of high fiber. Sprouts can be made of any grain which you like. Most people make sprouts of whole-grain pulses like Chana, Moong, Soybean, etc, and seasoned with lime and salt. You can also add chopped veggies of your own choice and taste.

Calories of one small bowl of Sprout Salad: Around 90- 110 calories.

  1. Dhokla: Dhokla is a purely Gujarati Recipe that is the product of fermenting gram flour. After fermentation, all the processes like Idli one, and the process also is the same as the Idli. Dhokla is one the most famous dishes of Gujarat which taste sweet and sour and spicy too. The dhokla-having good fat and more protein than the normal whole wheat flour is one of the healthiest low calorie foods.
Dhokla: Indian Gujarati Low calorie diet

Calories intake of Dhokla: One piece of Dhokla contains around 25 calories.

  1. Raita: Raita is a very famous Indian side dish in all the main courses. But at the same time, it also comes in the list of being one of the low-calorie foods. Raita is mainly prepared with buttermilk or Dahi(Curd) with vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd, or onion.

The calorie intake of Raita: one small bowl of Raita contains around 50 calories.

  1. Vegetable Salad: Last but not the least in our list is the vegetable salad. Vegetable salads are generally made with the Veggies like Carrot, Cucumber, Onion, Tomato, cabbage, turnip, Sugar beets etc. You can add other vegetables which you like for the salad as per your taste. Vegetable salad contains lots of vegetables which are a source of rich nutrients and lots of fiber with healthy carbs being raw and whole.

Calories Intake of Salad: One bowl of Vegetable salad contains 80-120 calories.

Note: Apart from this list, there are different lists available as low calorie food. Low calorie food changes as per needs and person-to-person needs of calorie intake.